ADA is a magazine for architects, designers, artists and related professionals in Pakistan. ADA covers architecture, design and art; ADA defines art, design and architecture. Design determines the space and forms we live, and work and ADA questions it; explores it; and presents it to the world as creative works from Pakistan. It defines how we relate to the broader society and cut across the syndrome of globalistaion. It is a platform where we define our aesthetics, sustainability, functional issues, environmental parameters to explore, question and assess for the generation next. Above all it helps us to envision a more sustainable-eco-friendly and expressive future to come.

ADA is quarterly and its issues profiles Pakistani Architecture, Design and Art predominantly and investigates design issues related to our changing societies. It is a showcase of Pakistan’s creativity to the world; the unbridled talent is displayed in the pages of ADA. This national review of design and practice documents significant architecture and design from across the country and features articles on current practice, building technology, sustainability and social issues affecting architecture design and art. Presenting and exploring innovative projects, exhibitions, materials, products and ideas, ADA is an indispensable resource for architects, designers, artists and design savvy public.
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